Sunday, 8 February 2009

UO Journal for: 08-02-2009

Taken from a meeting at Castle British, Sunday 8 February 2009, 19:30

Casca: We have taken an important first step my friends
Casca: Henceforth, let us continue down this path
Casca: Which will assuredly lead us to victory!
Casca: The first battle has been won, congratulations to all of you!
Casca: To celebrate this momentous event
Casca: I invite you all to a Royal Ball!

October Stehlen: ...
Iljian: *blinks*
Syrana Jarm: *looks down on her dress*
Floria Tenne: Hmmm.....
Attorok: *frowns*

Casca: To be held next Sunday, the 15th, at 8 oclock, here at Castle British
Casca: Come in all your finery and the highest of spirits!
Casca: I hope to see you all here

Nathaniel Hawk: *Mumbles*
Nathaniel Hawk: There's something fishy here..
Bladius Dart: I agree with the old git in the hat.

Casca: About the dresscode
Casca: Of course you should dress appropriately for a Royal Ball
Casca: Any other questions?
Casca: We will strike another blow against the enemy soon
Casca: But first we celebrate this victory!
Casca: Any more questions?

Syrana Jarm: Well Im all for a good dance, but I dont think we achieved such an outstanding victory...

Casca: If there are no more questions I will be on my way again

Flame: *stares in disbelief at Casca*

Casca: Until then my friends!

*Casca leaves*

Fauna Riboflavin: Expect the unexpected, Muldran
Muldran Skully: Nobody expects... dancing.

Kendra: Why doe he only congratulate us for one victory?
Kendra: Before he started sitting in that throne, we've been keeping the kingdome from falling
Attorok: And this... excuse for a king is doing a dance for just one fight!

Muldran Skully: I wonder what she'd have to say about this, Flame.
Stewan Seagull: Hmm.. Id think she likes balls too
Flame: she recommended us to watch Casca very closely

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